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About us | the Beautiful Anyway Blog
Tiziana Raimondo

Tiziana Raimondo and Domenico Cennamo have been working in the fashion industry all their life. Tiziana as a make-up artist preparing those glamorous models for the runway, using all the recent fashion make-up available. And Domenico as a photographer, taking pictures that are printed in all famous fashion magazines worldwide.

With their incredible talents and daily work, they have built up their abilities to look at people and to show their beauty.

They have that honest eye that sees the beautiful side of a face and the experience to get it into the spotlight supported by the right makeup.

This is the base of the idea of the beautiful anyway blog.

This blog bundles their competencies aiming at strong women interested in fashion, that want to learn how to get their own beauty out into the spotlight, by using the most recent make up trends available on the market. Because: when using the right technique and material – Everybody is beautiful.


Domenico Cennamo